Paul Winfield was an Oscar nominated lead actor for the movie Sounder. During his career he worked in movies, TV and the stage. He had a brief romance with Cicely Tyson his co-star from Sounder before ultimatley finding his life partner Charles Gillan Jr. They were together for 30 years before Charles died of bone cancer in 2002. Paul followed his partner almost excactly a year later of a heart attack.

Paul Winfield was only the 3rd African American male to be nomited for a lead role in a movie. Paul was also know to science fiction ”nerds” for roles in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and The Terminator. My personal favorite role he did was as Dathon, an alien captain who communicates in allegories, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok“. He also did a variety of voice work but was probably best known as the narrator for the A&E true crime series City Confidential, a role he began in 1998 and continued with until his death in 2004.

Do to the era Paul Winfield grew up he lived his personal life quietly. It doesn’t seem like he ever denied who he was but never advertised it either. Even though he died almost 20 years ago he will always be considered a trail blazer in the African and Queer community.

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