May 21st
Dean and I have left Pullman and are now spending the night in Denver at a Quality Inn. This was a good trip because it made us realize that Pullman has friends and family but for now, anyway, it is not a place we feel our lives are taking us. We both love our jobs and are making connections in Gunnison. As we have said to anybody who will listen, we don’t see ourselves retiring in Gunnison but it is a good place to spend the next 2 to 3 years.
What is the famous John Lennon lyric, “Life happens to you, while you are busy making other plans”. In the 19 years we have been together that has rang so true. We started off as friends, then a one night stand (we were both horny), to fuck buddies and now my best friend, husband and the person I would do almost anything for.
In the time we have been together, Dean told me he was only looking for sex. I told him I would never get married. He never wanted to live with another person. I loved Spokane and would never leave.

So here we are, we left Spokane for a job for Dean in Pullman. We stayed in Pullman because of a job for me. We moved to Gunnison for a job for me and could very likely stay in Gunnison because of a job Dean might get. So 2 years in Spokane, 15 years in Pullman, to almost two years in Gunnison, and happily married. God we are soooooooo middle class. Everything I planned for my life has changed…..all for the good.

Now because of covid, I have gotten a podcast going (with Holly) and started this blog. Things; even a year ago, I wouldn’t have thought would happen.

So keep your plans going, everyone needs goals but don’t forget the scenic view can be a very nice drive. You may not get there as fast but the view is breathtaking.

Oh yeah and listen to our podcast about Supergirl. You can listen to it right here on our website. It is episode 21. Heck listen to them all if you want to. No one will stop you!

Love Gary


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