Holly and I have each decided to do some more things with our podcast. Holly will be doing a show on her view of queer news. I think it should be called Holly’s Soapbox but she hasn’t figured out what she wants to call it yet.

I want to do a show called Gary’s Deep Dive. I will find something that I nerd out on and go into great detail on a subject. This will also be queer related.

I am pretty sure my first topic is going to be about Greg Berlanti. He is the driving force behind our most recent podcast on Supergirl. At the moment he has 15 shows on the air, almost everyone has a queer regular character on the show. He is responsible for the Arrowverse on The CW.

He has also been married to a man named Robbie Rogers since 2017 and they have two children.

These shows will be put on our Queernundrum website and then shared to our other media accounts. I think mine will be live streamed. For some reason this freaks me out and I might just record it and then put it on all of our media platforms. 

As you can probably decipher, these are still projects that are in there infancy. The big reason we are doing this is to drive listeners to our podcast, Queernundrumpodcast. The reason, we are doing all of this stuff in the first place. I personally want us to have the same kind of success as the duo on My Favorite Murder or The Gayest Episode Ever. Two shows that got me thinking I could do this. 

At this point I should tell you how naive I was that all you had to do was talk and do nothing else. We have been working about 6 months on the Queernundrumpodcast and we now are getting about a 112 listeners each week. I honestly thought I would be happy with 50 listeners and now I want MORE!!!!!!

Soooooo annyyyywaaaay, yeah, I am going to do a livestream piece on Greg Berlanti. It should be about 10 minutes long. 

Love Gary


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